With thanks to Irene Jensen (Jens Peter's brother's daughter-in-law) there are now a few more dates on this page - a specific thanks for the newspaper article from Jens Peter's og Karoline's golden wedding anniversary, (6. juni, 1952) which is reproduced below in translation.

Karoline and Jens Peter in Gislinge with son Henry og daughter Elisa
Retired farmer Jens Peter Jensen and wife, Mrs. Karoline Jensen, Gislinge, will be celebrating their golden wedding anniversary this friday. He was born in Gislinge, 1876, apprenticed as a blacksmith and later found work on Lolland, where he met Karoline. After their marriage they bought a little acreage with an attached blacksmith shop, until they bought the farm ”Meffenborg” i Gislinge in 1917. A few years ago the couple left the property to their son, Henry Jensen, and last year they moved into their new house on Adlers Allé.

Jens and Karoline Jensen have both been lively participants in their county's matters and, in particular, have been politically engaged. He is a radikal (Danish centrist party) and she adheres to the retstatspartiet (?), without those divergent opinions having caused any chips in their married harmony, and one can be quite sure that they are still attentive to political activities and events. Karoline Jensen was in addition for several years an energetic and enterprising chairman of the county's housekeeping association.

The pair has had many years of hard work, and they haven't been spared sorrow: they have buried three adult children, but through work they overcame the grief. We hope, they will be allowed years of future delight with their lovely new house and time for a well deserved rest.

Karoline (27/6/1879-1967) married ( 6/6/1902) to Jens Peter Jensen (16/6/1876 - 13/6/1958)
Lars Theodor Emanuel
24/8/1903 - 27/8/1922
Henry (21/2/1906 - 26/3/1990)
married 20/5/1938 to
Ella (25/1/1917- 13/10/1993)
Ane Katrine Lilly
19/9-1908 - 28/9-1930
15/9-1919 - 3/3-1943
Bent (7/12/1938)
Ingrid (23/5/1941)
Lissi (17/9/1945)


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