This page shows the family tree trunk, and contains everything I know now about the generations down to Lars and Ane Kirstine's children. They each have their own page with family trees. I only have so many generations in each tree that it fits, more or less, on most computer screens. By including more it would become much too wide, but clicking on a family member will take you to the next generations' tree. As is obvious, I'm missing a lot of data, but I hope, little by little, to have you send it to me, so I can complete the trees.

Ane Kirstine and Lars with (from left and top) Margrethe, Johanne, Marie, Martine and Holger. Karoline stayed with the grandparents (Lars and Dorthea) in Radsted, when the family moved to Tjørneby Hedegård in 1884. A house was built for the Rasmussen blacksmith family there.

  Rasmus Mortensøn
note his service
medal from the
1848-50 war
- carved the linen board for his betrothed in 1807
Morten Rasmussøn
Morten Rasmussøn m.t.
Karen Rasmusdatter
Grethe Troelsdatter m.t. Ole ?
Rasmus Mortensøn m.t. Else Mortensdatter (*28/1/1824)
Lars Olsøn m.t. Dorthea Larsdatter
Lars Rasmussen (30/3/ 1855 - 25/3/1931) m. (1/8/1879) Ane Kirstine (29/11/1851 - 15/2/1927)
(1882 -



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