My main motivation for making this web site is to produce a family tree for all the descendants of Lars and Ane Kirstine (Olsen) Rasmussen. By now, it's been quite a while since the last family reunion, and even longer since I attended one, and I assume the family has grown a lot during that time. I hope to collect data from all the branches, and eventually have the trees show all family members, even the newest. Click on the trunk and branches above to see what I've got so far.

If Lars and Ane Kirstine are your great-grandparents, great-great etc. you belong to this family, and I would be grateful to hear from you. Click on the envelope below and send me your name, birthdate, family branch, address (both snail and e-mail), phone number and all other relevant information, both yours, your parents', children's, grandchildren's, cousins' etc. I won't post residential addresses and phone numbers on this site, but can forward them on requests to family members ONLY. Pictures are most welcome, both new and old, and I will, of course, return those.


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